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The Further Processing Project of Methanol

       Low carbon olefin such as ethylene ,propylene is the foundation of modern chemistry industry , it is widely used to produce many kinds of organic chemical material ,such as plastic ,rubber and fiber, using light oil to crack and produce Methanol is traditional process. Developing the technology that use coal as the material to make low carbon olefin is necessary because of China’s strategy of coal substitute for oil .On March23,2012, Zhungeer Branch’s olefin projects of 600,000 tons production capacity per annum began to build, this project take full advantage of rich methanol resource around Dalu New District, achieve the local inversion of methanol and extension of industry chain , it will enhance the added value of our product.

       The planned project that use coal as material to produce Ethylene Glycol, olefin, arene, etc. will speed up the process of extending the industry chain and enhance the added value of our product.