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The Production and Application of Dimthyl Ether

       Dimethyl ether ( “DME”), it is a colorless gas at normal temperature and normal pressure; it has slight methyl odor and similar to LPG, the vapor pressure is 0.5MPa under the condition of room temperature. It has wide application, which can be automobile fuel substitute for gasoline and diesel , domestic fuel substitute for LPG, cutting fuel substitute for acetylene, and used as aerosol propellant ,organic solvent ,refrigerant and alkylating agent ,etc. It is widely used in many industries such as light industry, pharmacy, fuel and pesticide, and can be developed into lots of down-stream products with high value-added.

       Jiutai adopt patent technology “Liquid phase method complex acid dehydrated catalysis to produce DME”, we have independent intellectual property rights for this technology. This technology overcome the defects of other technologies, short technological process , stable and balanced dehydrating effects, high reaction efficiency,low production cost, no discharge of three wastes ,it is a environmental friendly production. On July 2013 , Science and Technology Agency in Shangdong province organize experts to vetted the technology which is comparable to international advanced standards and has the potential for commercialization.